Tweet Tweet Tweet!

What You Need:
  • A place where you can see and hear birds
  • Paper and pencil
  • Field guides for birds in your area
  • Tape recorder and camera (optional)
Tip: If you happen to have a tiny mirror use it instead of the tin foil.

Question: How can you identify birds by their song?

1. First, take a walk where you can see and hear birds.

2. Then, write or draw a description of any birds you see. Write down what the song sounds like to you.

3. Some birds, such as the chickadee and the whip-poor-will, are named for their songs. Think of funny names like these when you write down the bird songs you hear. across the end of the tube.

4. If you can, take pictures and sound recordings of the birds.

5. Then, use the field guides to identify the birds you saw. Use your notes and drawings to help you.

6. Now, make a song book of the neighborhood birds. Go bird watching with your friends and family. Use your new songbook and sing to any birds you see!

A Scientific Explanation
Birds have calls and songs. A call is a single note, such as a chirp or a squawk. A song is a series of notes that make a melody. Most birds have both songs and calls. Other birds don't sing very well but have impressive calls, such as an owl's hoot or a crow's caw.

Listen and observe when birds sing to other birds. Notice what bird that are alike sing to each other. Notice what birds that are different sing to each other. How are their songs alike? How are they different?


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