Make Rain Indoors!

What You Need:
  • An empty glass jar with a metal top
  • Hot tap water
  • Ice cubes
Tip: Be patient. It takes about 15 minutes for water drops to form.

Question: How can you make it rain indoors?

1) First, fill a glass jar with very hot tap water.

2) Then, flip the lid over and fill it with ice. Place the lid on top of the jar .

3) Now, wait and watch. In about 15 minutes you will see "rain" fall inside the jar .

A Scientific Explanation:
Some of the hot water turns into steam and collects on the lid. The ice cools the steam and turns it back into a liquid. When enough liquid collects on the lid it falls as a "rain" drop. This process is known as condensation.

Look for other examples of condensation such as water drops forming on the side of a cold soft drink can. Use what you've learned about condensation to explain your observations.


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