Who Put the Pop in Pop?

What You Need:
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • A ziplock bag
Question: Where do the bubbles in soda pop come from?

1.First, put two big spoonfuls of baking soda in a plastic ziplock bag.

2. Then, seal the bag nearly closed. Leave a small opening.

3. Pour about half a cup of vinegar into the bag. Quickly seal the bag closed.

4. Gently shake the mixture.

5. Congratulations Kitchen Chemist! You've just made a gas known as carbon dioxide.

A Scientific Explanation
When the baking soda and vinegar mix they create a gas known as carbon dioxide. It is carbon dioxide gas that gives soda its pop. Carbon dioxide gas is also what creates the fire-damping foam in some fire extinguishers.

Can you explain why carbon dioxide foam would make a good fire extinguisher?


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