The Incredible Egg

What You Need:
  • One egg
  • A bowl
  • A plate
  • Paper towel
  • Paper and pencil
Tip: Be sure to wash your hands with hot soapy water when you finish this experiment.

What's really inside an egg?

1. First, observe, or look at, the egg. Weigh it in your hand, tap on the shell, and shake it gently. Record what you notice about the egg.

2. Then, carefully crack the egg into the bowl. Put the shell on the plate. Clean up any liquid that may have spilled.

3. Look at the inside of the shell. Record any interesting observations.

4. Now, look at the egg in the bowl. Draw a picture of what you see.

5. Identify, or name, the following parts of the egg:

  • membrane - this is the thin film inside the shell. It allows air to enter the shell but keeps the liquid safe inside.
  • albumen - this is the slimy clear liquid. It's the white part of a cooked egg.
  • yolk - This is the center yellow part of an egg. Look for the strings that keep the yolk fastened in the center.
  • Label the parts of the egg in your picture.

7. You are now an "Eggspert." Proudly display your egg picture on the fridge or in your room!

A Scientific Explanation
The yolk and albumen both serve as food for the young chick while it develops in the egg. A chick will only grow in a fertilized egg. Eggs that you buy at the grocery store are unfertilized and don't have baby chicks inside them.

Write a story that explains the age-old question, which came first, the chicken or the egg?


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