Grow Your Own
Crystal Candy!

What You Need:
  • Sugar
  • Warm water
  • String
  • Pie pan
  • Bowl
  • Wax paper
  • Spoon
Question: How do crystals grow?

1. First, dissolve the sugar in a bowl of warm water. Keep adding sugar until no more can dissolve.

2. Then, lay the string in the pie pan. The ends of the string should hang over the edges of the pie pan.

3. Spoon the sugar water over the string. Don't fill the pan too much. You want the sugar water to be a thin layer in the pan.

4. Now set a piece of wax paper loosely over the pan.

5. Let the sugar water sit until it evaporates.

6. When the water has dried up lift the string out of the pan.

7. You have just made your own rock candy! Enjoy!

A Scientific Explanation
When scientist observe the natural world they take measurements and observe specific details about their trip in the field. Sugar is made of crystals. The arrangement, or pattern, of its atoms forms a crystal's shape. Crystals make flat faces that are attached to each other at certain angles. Each crystal face has it's own shape and angle.

Tint the sugar water with food coloring to make your rock candy more exciting!


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