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Back-to-School Power Moves

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the Super 5
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school year.

The Super 5 (in English/Spanish) provides parents with the Readiness Check, a new interactive tool to help them see how ready their child is for the new school year, along with ways to support classroom learning. We encourage you to share this important resource with your students’ families to nurture family engagement in your classroom.

Help parents get a gut check on how ready their child is for the new school year.

It only takes a few minutes with the Readiness Check!

Go to for the Readiness Check and review our new (free) interactive tool, developed by leading experts in math and reading, to see if children have learned the foundational skills needed for this year. Then share the Readiness Check with parents to show them how to support their child at home.

  • Tips to Share With Parents
  • Get a Gut CheckUse the Readiness Check to see how prepared your child is for their new grade. Pay attention to how easy or hard it is for them to do grade-level tasks, and look at their annual state results from last year. If you haven't received the results yet, ask your child's teacher.
  • Partner Up At your first teacher meeting, bring your child's state test results and ask what they mean for this year. Find out what's expected of your child and how you can support at home. Help the teacher get to know your child by sharing their interests and strengths as well. You can also share what you learned from the Readiness Check.
  • Make It Fun You are the expert on your child and can help make learning exciting! Read together, choosing topics that interest your child. Find math in everyday life and turn it into a game. These small learning moments add up to a lot!
  • Celebrate Effort Help your child see that hard work is what leads to success. Focus on effort and what your child is learning. This will help your child feel less nervous about new tasks or subjects.
  • Support Life Skills Strengths such as communication, problem-solving, and confidence will help your child in school and life. Talk openly with your child about how they feel and how they handle situations, especially the tough ones.

Add as a resource to your classroom website.


Did you share the Readiness Check tool with your students' parents?

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