Meeting Common Core State Standards with curated, content-rich collections that build the knowledge base children need to succeed - one read-aloud at a time.

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The Human Body Season & Weather Animals Plants Ecology Astronomy Geology
For these read-aloud collections, we’ve carefully chosen books on science topics that build a broad base of knowledge. The collections are organized to build content within each grade level and from grade to grade, as recommended by the Common Core State Standards!
Next Generation Science Standards
The content children learn through the read-alouds and activities in these collections helps prepare them to meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
School-to-Home Connection Packs
These packs are designed to supplement the full read-aloud collections, giving caregivers the opportunity to reinforce at home what their children are learning in school.
Featuring Two Read-Aloud Collections
Discover the rich history of the earth as recorded in its rocks, fossils, and land formations.
Grade 1 to Grade 4
Featuring Three Read-Aloud Collections
Expand your knowledge of earth, the moon, planets, stars, and everything else that makes up the universe!
PreK to Grade 4
Featuring Three Read-Aloud Collections
Protecting our planet starts by understanding how our actions affect the environment and other living things.
PreK to Grade 4
Featuring Four Read-Aloud Collections
Discover the secrets of plant life and examine how all plants big and small are essential to our life on Earth.
Toddlers to Grade 4
Featuring Ten Read-Aloud Collections
Examining the astonishing diversity within the animal kingdom helps us understand our place in the web of life.
Toddlers to Grade 4
Seaons and Weather
Featuring Seven Read-Aloud Collections
Learning about the weather and seasons helps children understand how water, wind, and other forces of nature affect all life on earth.
Toddlers to Grade 4
The Human Body
Featuring Six Read-Aloud Collections
Taking care of ourselves and understanding how our body parts and body systems work are fundamental to living a healthy life.
Toddlers to Grade 4
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