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Book Title

Thief, Liar, Gentleman
Author: Eleanor Updale
Series: Montmorency

When a petty thief "dies" trying to escape from the police, he adopts a dual existence as both a respectable, wealthy gentleman named Montmorency and his degenerate servant.

Book Title

Traitor King, The
Author: Todd Mitchell
Series: None

Darren and Jackie Mannahan discover an alternate world where their family used to rule — and was banished in disgrace. Can they redeem the family name?

Book Title

Author: Robin Wasserman
Series: Chasing Yesterday

J.D. can't run from her past any longer. She knows the truth now: that she's dangerous, a weapon. If she can't learn to control her powers, there's no telling what . . . or who . . . she'll destroy next.

Book Title

Vampire's Photograph, The
Author: Kevin Emerson
Series: Oliver Nocturne

Oliver Nocturne has a fairly typical childhood — for a vampire. But unbeknownst to Oliver, he's a little more human than the rest of them.

Book Title

Wright 3, The
Author: Blue Balliett
Series: Sequel of Chasing Vermeer

Supersleuths Petra and Calder, along with Calder's old friend Tommy, are cryptically drawn into another art mystery.

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