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Caught in the Web

"I can't believe it," my friend Felicia groaned. "You have more than a hundred channels and there's nothing on! TV really stinks."

I pushed the button on the remote and kept searching for something Felicia, our friend Rachel, and I would all enjoy. But Felicia was right. There wasn't anything on. Just a bunch of old cartoons, new shows, baseball, and home shopping. Sunday afternoon TV can be pretty lousy. But it was raining, so we were stuck inside.

"You want to play Monopoly?" I asked my friends.

"We played that last time we were here, Jenny," Felicia reminded me. "You beat us both pretty badly."

I smiled. That was the truth. I'm a whiz at Monopoly. Donald Trump has nothing on me.

"I'm not into losing today," Felicia told me.

"Do you have any good movies?" Rachel wondered.

I shrugged. "None that the three of us haven't seen like, a billion times," I told her.

"We've sure been friends forever," Felicia said with a laugh. "Sometimes I feel like there's nothing we haven't done or seen together.

That was the truth. Rachel, Felicia, and I had been friends since kindergarten, and now we were in sixth grade. That meant we'd gone through almost seven years of birthday parties, sleepovers, chicken pox, phone conversations, and Rachel's bad jokes together.

"I always love being at your house, Jenny," Felicia said.

"Even on rainy days. Remember that time in third grade when it rained on Easter and your folks had their Easter egg hunt inside?"

"I was the one who found the egg that was hidden in the toilet paper roll!" Rachel exclaimed proudly.

"Only because you had to go to the bathroom right in the middle of the whole thing," Felicia reminded her.

"Yeah, but Rachel won the chocolate bunny, anyway," I said. "My dad gave it to the person who found the egg that was hidden in the hardest place."

"Those were good times." Rachel smiled, remembering. "That chocolate bunny was delicious."

"I think we have that Easter egg hunt on tape somewhere," I said. "My mom's big on filming stuff like that. She's kind of like Marc that way."

Rachel and Felicia nodded. They knew what I meant. Our friend Marc doesn't go anywhere without his digital camcorder. He wants to be a movie director one day, so he spends a lot of time practicing.

"You guys want to watch the tape?" I asked them.

"Totally!" Rachel exclaimed.

"I love home movies," Felicia added.

'Speaking of movies, did you guys hear the one about the woman who brought her dog to a movie theater?" Rachel asked Felicia and me with a grin. We both shook our heads, so Rachel continued her joke. "After the film was over, a man stopped her and said, 'I was amazed at your dog. He really seemed to like the movie. He even yawned when it got kind of boring. Don't you think that's unusual?' The woman nodded. 'Very unusual,' she told the man. 'Especially since he hated the book.'"