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Who's Got Spirit

The red-and-white banner was the first thing I saw when I got off the bus at Joyce Kilmer Middle School on Monday morning. It was hard to miss. The sign was humongous!

"I guess that's a little reminder, just in case you forgot." My friend Felicia giggled as she pointed to the massive sign.

How could I have forgotten? How could anyone have forgotten? Spirit Week was all everyone had been talking about since Principal Gold had announced it last Friday.

I'm a sixth grader at Joyce Kilmer Middle School. I've never been part of a Spirit Week before. So the minute I heard about it, I ran home and looked it up in the middle school handbook they'd given out at the sixth grade orientation. Unfortunately, the handbook didn't tell me much. It just said that Sprit Week was five days of fun, and a way for everyone to show how much school spirit they had.

The handbook also recommended that everyone wear red and white to school on Spirit Week days. Not very much information, huh? If there's one thing I've learned for sure since I've been in middle school, it's that the orientation handbook doesn't tell you a whole lot about what life in middle school is really like.

"Hey yo! Jenny! Felicia! Happy Spirit Week!" my friend Chloe shouted as she came running over to Felicia and me.

I started laughing the minute I spotted her. Chloe was wearing yet another one of her hilarious T-shirts. This one was white with red letters. It said Because I'm the Queen, That's Why!

"That is so you," I told Chloe.

"I know," she agreed. "But I'm actually wearing it because it's red and white. It shows I've got school spirit."

"It shows you're bossy," Felicia joked.

Chloe didn't get mad. She knew Felicia was just teasing her. She also knew it was the truth. Chloe was kind of bossy. But we liked her that way. "Nice ribbons," she complimented me.

I reached up and touched the red and white ribbons that I'd braided into my hair. They were my way of showing school spirit. "Thanks. I got the idea from," I told her. "I just searched for hairstyles, and there it was."

"Awesome!" Felicia said. is my favorite website. It's filled with quizzes, recipes, crafts, and style ideas that are only for middle schoolers. I don't know how I would've gotten through the beginning of sixth grade without it.

Chloe looked over at Felicia. "Where's your red and white?" She asked her.

Felicia pulled up her pant legs. "Here," she said, showing off her red-and-white candy-cane striped socks. "They were the only clean clothes I had that were red and white. I haven't worn these socks since last Christmas."

"Maybe you should roll your jeans up to your knees so everyone can see them," Chloe suggested.

Felicia rolled her eyes. "Oh right. That'd be stylish," she said sarcastically. "Can you just imagine what the Pops would say about that?"

Chloe shrugged. "Who cares?" she asked.