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The New Girl
“Jenny, you dropped something,” my good friend Felicia Liguori said, pointing toward a piece of pale pink paper that had fallen out of my locker and landed on the floor.

I started to bend down to pick up the note, but Dana Harrison stomped her high-heeled black boot on top of it before I could grab it. Dana just missed stepping on my fingers. Not that that would have mattered to her.

Ooh, Jenny McAfee has a note. This I’ve gotta read,” Dana said with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She rolled her eyes in the direction of her friends, Claire and Addie.

“Yeah, I’ll bet it’s really interesting,” Claire joked even more sarcastically.

“Hey, that’s private!” I shouted, trying to grab the note away from Dana. But she didn’t give it back to me. In fact, my scream made her want to read it even more.

Oh man, I thought to myself as Dana opened up the note. This isn’t going to be pretty. I could feel the heat rising up in my cheeks.

“Jen-Jen, here are some sugar cookies for my super-sweet girl. Good luck on your Spanish quiz. Love, Mommy,” Dana read aloud. She started to snicker really loudly. “Jen-jen. Oh, that’s hilarious.”

“Super-sweet Jen-Jen,” Addie Wilson added between giggles.

“How nice—a love note from your mommy.” Claire laughed so hard she actually snorted.

“Give that back to me!” I demanded, grabbing the note back from Dana and shoving it into my jeans pocket. Not that it mattered; they’d already read it. The damage had been done. And even if I tried to act all cool like it didn’t matter, the Pops would know it did. The telltale red blush of embarrassment on my cheeks would surely give me away.