Jenny's Books
Wish Upon a Star

"She said, my rule is no kisses on the first date. I said, I don't follow rules, this is fate!"

I tried not to giggle as my friend Chloe danced around her room singing along with the new song by our favorite singer, Cody Tucker. It wasn't easy to keep from laughing—Chloe looked pretty funny as she leaped up and down and twirled around and around. But when she plopped down on her bed and planted a long kiss on her pillow, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I burst out laughing.

"What?" Chloe asked me. She sounded annoyed. "That's what the whole song is about. Cody Tucker kissing his girlfriend."

"I know," I said, trying—unsuccessfully—to stop laughing. "But, Chloe, that's your pillow."

"Don't you have any imagination?" Chloe demanded. "I'm pretending this is Cody. It's as close as I'll ever get to him."

I sighed. Apparently my imagination wasn't as vivid as Chloe's. To me, her pillow just looked like her pillow. Still, I knew what she meant. Everyone I knew was dying to meet Cody Tucker. He was the cutest, most talented singer ever!

I wondered how many other girls at Joyce Kilmer Middle School kissed their pillows, pretending they were kissing Cody Tucker. There were probably a lot more than anyone would think. It was just that most of those girls would never do it in front of anyone else. But Chloe knew I would never tell anyone about the whole pillow-kissing thing. That's the kind of friendship Chloe and I have. We keep each other's secrets.

Not that it was any secret that Chloe loved Cody Tucker. He was all she talked about these days. It was "Did you know Cody Tucker's mom was once a dance teacher?" or "Have you heard that Cody Tucker wasn't very good in math when he was in middle school?" all day long.

"Hey, Jenny," Chloe said as the song ended. "Did you know that Cody Tucker's favorite season is summer? That's the same as mine. I'm telling you, Cody and I are meant for each other."

I laughed. "Chloe, Cody Tucker is a big star, and an adult. You're still in middle school. What could you possibly have in common—other than loving summer, I mean?"

"Well, for one thing, we both hate math. And for another, I'm going to be a big star someday, just like Cody," Chloe replied, as though she was stating a well-known fact, not something she was really hoping for. "I'm already on screens all over town."

I knew what Chloe meant. She was talking about Webcast Underground, a computer webcast my friends and I did once a week. But being on a middle school webcast wasn’t the same as being an international signing sensation like Cody Tucker.

Still, there wasn't any point in telling Chloe that. Deep down, I had a feeling she already knew it. She just wasn't about to admit it. So instead I said, "I think we should start studying for the Spanish quiz. Senorita Gonzales gave us a lot of words to learn this week."

"," Chloe agreed. "Muchas palabras."

I grinned. Chloe has just said “Yes, many words.” And I had understood her. I really liked learning another language. That was one of the cool things about being in middle school—you got to take either French or Spanish as one of your classes. We didn’t get to do that back in elementary school.

Chloe pulled out her Spanish binder. It was covered with pictures of Cody Tucker that she'd cut out from magazines and then glued to the binder. I sighed slightly, remembering how Dana Harrison had made fun of Chloe's binder because it wasn't one of the "official" Cody Tucker notebooks. Personally, I thought the colorful, homemade collage on Chloe's binder was nicer than anything I'd seen in a store. But Pops like Dana never appreciated anything that was homemade.