The Clues are out there. The hunt is on. Cahills all over the world are starting to realize the rewards – are you one of them?

It's never too late to play and win:
Episode 8 Prizing Period now open – 5/25/10 - 8/30/10!

Congratulations to the following top Cahills who have already proven their clue-hunting skills!

1st Place Book 5 Prize Winner
Katie B, age 13, New River, AZ, USA – Ekaterina

1st Place Mission 5 Sweepstakes Winner
Drew L, age 11, Portage La Prairie, MB, Canada – Janus

1st Place Episode 5 Contest Winner
Elizabeth L, age 10, Fitchburg, WI, USA – Tomas

For a full listing of Episode 5 Prize winners, click here.