Talking with teens about Instagram Talking with teens about Instagram

Resources for parents and educators

There’s no question: Social media plays a big role in teens’ lives today. It’s where they connect with friends and family, celebrate major milestones, share everyday moments, and discover new passions and interests. To help them do it safely and responsibly, Scholastic and Instagram have joined forces to fill you in on what the platform is all about, give you conversation starters and show you some of the tools in place to keep teens safe.

Teacher and Parent Resources

In these materials, we focus on three ways to control your Instagram experience: how to manage privacy, interactions and time on Instagram. We’ve included the basics of the app, a description of the safety tools, plus a discussion guide for how parents can have an open conversation with their teens about Instagram.

TEACHER LETTER Help students be
social media smart
PARENTS QUICK GUIDE Two-page resource on talking
to your teen about Instagram
PARENTS EXTENDED GUIDE Full materials on talking to
your teen about Instagram

For more resources, go to parents.instagram.com

Video Guide

A group of parents who work at Instagram talk about the tools they use to foster positive online experiences for their teens.