Smart technology gathers data through every keystroke. It assesses, adapts, and responds in real time, making teaching and learning more efficient.

Teaching without data is like driving blindfolded. With powerful data, teachers can better understand students’ strengths and weaknesses and steer them on the path toward success.

Professional learning builds capacity in an era of heightened accountability. With the right support and tools, every teacher can be a Force Multiplier in the classroom.

Rigorous, relevant, engaging content sparks the innate curiosity in every child. It helps students build knowledge and become critical thinkers. It brings the world to the classroom.

Scholastic Education

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Read180 Next Generation

Grades 4–12

  • Now Available for iPad
    Brings adaptive technology and proven blended instruction to the iPad

  • Data for Teachers & Leaders
    Meets the needs of school districts shifting toward the use of tablet devices in classrooms

  • Engaging eBooks
    Gives students and teachers access to eBooks and planning tools anytime, anywhere

Math180 Next Generation

Grades 6–12

  • Breakthrough Blended Learning
    Helps struggling math students build confidence and accelerate to grade level

  • Empowering Data for Teachers
    Provides teachers with rich data and tools to help them become FORCE MULTIPLIERS in the classroom

  • Brain Arcade Games
    Engages students with a personalized playlist of games that build fluency and strategic thinking

  • A Focused Progression to Algebra
    Focuses on WHAT MATTERS MOST so students waste no time getting ready for Algebra


Grades K–2

  • Personalized Foundational Reading
    Personalizes the experience of learning to read for every child with breakthrough technology

  • Welcome to Beastie Hall
    Delivers systematic instruction in a game-based environment: a virtual school built of books

  • Data Snapshots
    Empowers teachers with data and tools to differentiate instruction for every student

System 44 Next Generation

Grades 3–12

  • Cracking the Code
    Empowers students to understand the “system” of 44 sounds and 26 letters in the English language

  • Adaptive, Instructional Software
    Delivers a personalized learning path for each student through state-of-the-art adaptive technology

  • Anytime, Anywhere eBooks
    Provides each student with a personal eBook library for reading at home or in school

Code X

Grades 6–8

  • Complex, Relevant Texts
    Helps students become deep readers and measured writers, ready for the Next Generation Assessments

  • Engaging Workshops
    Requires students to read, think, analyze, synthesize, question, cite evidence, debate, and write every day

  • Instructional Support
    Supports teachers’ transition to the Common Core with learning tools and instructional support


Professional Learning

  • On-Demand Professional Learning
    Transforms instruction to prepare students for
    Next Generation Assessments

  • Support for the Common Core
    Supports transition to the Common Core with professional learning tools and instructional support


Grades PreK–6

  • 2,000 Titles—Leveled Fiction and Nonfiction
    Schoolwide access to a school year subscription of great reading for grades PreK–6

  • Customizable eBook Library for Every Classroom
    Teachers can easily create a custom digital library that works best for their classroom

  • A Record of Reading Progress
    Track the reading activity of each individual student with a comprehensive Reading Report

  • Digital Tools & Quizzes for a Richer Experience
    Every School Edition title features integrated learning tools to help build vocabulary and comprehension

Core Clicks

Grades K–5

  • The Interactive Close Reading Program
    100+ informational texts and interactive reader tasks

  • Powerful Instruction of Critical Skills
    Three encounters with each text help students master core ELA skills

  • Digital Learning at its Most Exciting!
    Attention-grabbing topics, powerful visuals, engaging videos

  • Performance-Based Assessment
    Prepare your students for the rigors of online testing

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