Everyone at Scholastic is sending you and the educators, children and families in your school district our heartfelt wishes for a prompt recovery from the damage inflicted by the recent Hurricane. We are also deeply committed to helping you replace the books and instructional materials your teachers need to help their students return to a sense of normalcy and continue to learn and grow. To best serve you, we are ready to work with you to assess your specific needs and develop an effective plan that delivers the resources and services you need at the appropriate time.

In the meantime, we are doing several things to provide immediate support for your schools:
  • To support your teachers and help get books into their classrooms, Scholastic Book Clubs is offering 500 bonus points for Book Clubs teachers in the impacted regions, and to immediately help your teachers with resources to resume instruction, Scholastic Classroom Magazines will make digital editions of 20 pre-k to grade 12 classroom magazines available through December 31, 2017.

  • To support your students affected by this crisis who are still housed in shelters, Scholastic is donating Scholastic My Time, A Box for Comfort and Fun™ kits which are designed to help children handle stress and anxiety in times of disaster or crisis. Available while supplies last.
As you work to rebuild, we are standing by to meet and assist in conducting a thorough needs assessment to begin the process of replacing the learning materials and provide services to support your students and educators. You can also reach us at 800-387-1437 ext. 6234 and let us know of immediate needs you may have.


Scholastic’s mission is to help provide the stories of courage and hopefulness and survival, the information kids need to understand how to identify and solve problems, and the empathy required to know how to think about our global society and its challenges. Students get these skills from our books, our magazines, and our websites which teachers rely on to broaden children's understanding and frameworks for problem solving.

Beyond the immediate crisis, you are facing in the district, we want to be helping children become strong, resilient learners who can gather facts, analyze information critically, and learn to make sound and fair judgments, preparing them to be the next generation ready to step up to guide our nation and world to a better life for all. You have the most important job of all: developing the next generation in our global society, and bringing the joy and pleasure of reading and learning to children through the world. Scholastic is here to be your partner, during this time of crisis, in that important work.

Thank you for all you do to support the children and families.


Dick Robinson
Chairman, President and CEO


A Special Poem For You and Your Students

By now, you may have seen my narrative nonfiction story in your September issue, “Our World Turned to Water.” When I wrote this article, I never imagined that when it came out, millions of people in Houston and Florida would be facing the aftermath of terrible storms. While this story and video are about events in Louisiana, not Texas or Florida, I hope that the themes of resilience, courage, and kindness in the story will serve as a source of comfort in this difficult time.

I also wanted to share with you a beautiful poem by Rebecca Kai Dotlich (below). Its warm and hopeful message about the power of community after a tragedy is one that I hope will resonate with you and your students.

What we know

By Rebecca Kai Dotlich

We shared soup, sandwiches, cots,
            dry pajamas, prayers, as we rolled
            up sleeves, eased fears, held hands.
            With quiet nods, we came to know
            that just when worlds
            turn upside down,
            someone, somewhere
            hands out raincoats, sets up games,
            gives out books,
            calls our names . . .           
            unwrinkles the worry,
            smooths the sorrow,
                        offers a blueprint
                                     for tomorrow.

If you’d like to share the poem with your students, friends, or family, you can download a printable version of it here. Please know that all of us here at Storyworks are thinking of you and your students in this time of need.

With love,

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