Herblock and editorial cartooning

Herb Block, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, better
known by his pen name “Herblock,” used his cartoons to bring
attention to the role of the government, the ideals of democracy,
and the plight of the everyman.

These materials support CCSS skills, will expose your students to
editorial cartooning as a medium, and explain its political influence.

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Herblock and
Editorial Cartooning

Drawing Democracy

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Educational Policy

Where Does All the
Money Go?


Presidential Policies
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Defining Our
Modern President

The Environment

Generation Green


Civil Rights

Herb Block and
Civil Rights

Illustrative Interview

© 2014 The Herb Block Foundation. All Rights Reserved. Herblock cartoons: © The Herb Block Foundation. Photo: Herb Block, © Doree Lovell.