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Goosebumps: Creepy Creatures

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Creepy creatures are howling, growling, and stalking through the artwork of the first Goosebumps Graphix anthology when three hot, talented comic artists adapt these bestselling Goosebumps books into a cool, new graphic novel format!

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from The Werewolf at Fever Swamp, The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight,
or The Abominable Snowman.

Goosebumps: Terror Trips

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Take these Terror Trips . . . and hope you return!

Three hot, talented comic artists adapt these bestselling Goosebumps books into a cool new graphic novel format.

JILL THOMPSON, the award-winning creator of The Scary Godmother series, brings her quirky humor and madcap illustrations to "One Day at Horrorland," where a family lost in an amusement park finds the rides a little too creepy, a little too real!

JAMIE TOLAGSON, artist on The Crow, The Dreaming, and the Books of Magic series, turns up the juice in "A Shocker on Shock Street."

See a sample
from One Day at Horrorland, A Shocker on Shock Street,
or Deep Trouble.

Goosebumps: Terror Trips

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Someone's creeping through the garden, doing nasty things! Dean Haspiel, a veteran of Batman and Justice League comics, knows just how to portray "The Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes."

In his comic series like The Bakers and Plastic Man, Kyle Baker proves he's one funny artist, the perfect guy to draw a story about fun and games at camp—until "The Horror at Camp Jellyjam" is uncovered.
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