R.L. Stine The incredible team behind the awesome, gruesome creatures on the Goosebumps TV show on Fox Kids Network agreed to share one of the secrets behind the scares with us and YOU!

Did you ever wonder how they get those ghastly ghouls on TV to look so REAL and so GROSS? In many cases, the actors playing the monsters are wearing masks. Wouldn't you like to know how to make a scary mask of your own?

Since we don't have most of the hi-tech "ingredients" used by television make-up artists, they provided us with a raunchy recipe you can use to create haunted masks in your own kitchen or garage. (Remember to ask your parents first!)


  • Newspaper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Large bowl
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Water
  • Poster or acrylic paint
  • 3 feet of string


Step One
Gently press a piece of foil over your face to make a mold for the mask.

Step Two
Place the mold of your face on a piece of newspaper, face up. Use additional foil to make details. Add a pointy piece of foil to the nose if you want to make a witch's mask or add big, weird eyebrows and a wart on the chin. Make it mutant!

Step Three
Carefully cover the finished foil mold with plastic wrap. (The plastic wrap should cling to the foil.) Tape the edges of the plastic wrap under the mold to secure it.

Step Four
Mix the flour and the salt in the bowl with enough water to make a thin paste. Make sure the paste isn't too watery, but not too thick you are unable to stir it.

Step Five
Tear some newspaper into 1/4" inch strips. Dip the strips, one at a time, into the paste. Place each strip smoothly onto the foil mold. Cover the mold completely with strips. It is okay to overlap strips to make sure you do not miss any spots. When the entire mold is covered, add a second layer of newspaper strips.

Step Six
Let the mask dry overnight.

Step Seven
By the next day, your mask should have dried and hardened. Using poster or acrylic paint, paint your mask. Don't forget to add lots of gruesome details like blood, oozing cuts, and scars.

Step Eight
When the paint is dry, separate the paper mask from the foil. The plastic wrap should help you pull it off easily.

Step Nine
Now, on each side of your new haunted mask, poke holes about 1/4" inch in diameter. Cut the string in half. On one end of each string, tie a knot. Run one piece of string through each hole.

Step Ten
Place the mask over your face. Tie the two strings in a bow behind your head.

Well, how did your mask turn out? Let's see. . .

AAACCHH! Put that thing away. You almost scared me to death!