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Literacy, Math, AND Nutrition Activities

With these ready-to-go lessons, your students will read and write informational texts and use an interactive research tool to uncover how a dairy farm works and why eating foods with plenty of nutrients is crucial. Make cross-curricular connections with fractions and conversions activity sheets, nutrient trading cards, and more.

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informational text Milk’s Farm-to-Table Story

This comic-style, four-page informational text brings to life milk's journey from farm to table. Plus, an infographic shows how milk's journey continues inside the human body via key nutrients with important roles.

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Explore the world of food with your children…while keeping them actively engaged at the grocery store and beyond! Help your kids appreciate the importance of how food is produced and how a nutritious diet can help them be their best!

Fun & Easy Recipes

Healthy breakfasts and snacks with plenty of nutrients help fuel your kids to achieve!

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interactive research tool

Join Maya and Dave to learn about the scientific and technical processes behind milk's journey at the farm and why its nutrients matter.

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