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Scholastic Parents Elementary Edition
The first day of school is fast approaching…but don't worry — we've got you covered: Find out what to expect as your child starts first or second grade and get tips from teachers about how to kick-start a great year. Plus: If your kid's a bit nervous about the start of the school year, ease the jitters with these charming, relatable school stories.
Thursday, August 4, 2016
Daily Tip
Save backpacks from the lost and found — have your child fill out this easy printable to create a backpack (or lunchbox!) label.
The Joy of Reading
Calm Back-to-School Jitters
As the first day approaches, use these books to put your child at ease about school's start.
Our experts share activities, age-appropriate titles, and much more to help you raise your young reader.
You Didn't Miss It!
There's still plenty of time for kids to log their minutes and unlock rewards in Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge.
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Read the Heat Away
Help your kids escape from summer's steamy temperatures with these wintertime titles.
Listen on the Road
Going on a family road trip? Discover the perfect audiobook for your kids.
Craft Your Own Super Cool School Supplies
With Klutz Make Your Own Mini Erasers your kids will be running back-to-school to show off their stylish erasers.
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Back-to-School Reading…Rules!
Your kids will get psyched for day one with our favorite back-to-school titles.
Dolphin School #4: Flip's Surprise Talent
Age 7–10 | Grade: 2–5

Pirates Go to School
Age 8 | Grade: 2–3

Tony Baloney School Rules
Age 5–7 | Grade: K–2

Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School
Age 5–8 | Grade: K

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Back to School
Our New #ReaderInChief
Judy Newman, Scholastic Reading Club's new President, and her team of experts share fun ways to discover new books with kids.
First Graders
Take Off
Get the lowdown on what your child will learn, and how you can support first graders at home.
Tips From Teachers
Want to know how to kick-start a great school year? Start with these tips from the experts: Teachers!
What to Expect in Second Grade
Find out what's on the docket for this big year as your child goes beyond the basics.
Accepting Applications for Kid Reporters
The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, the country's oldest and largest national student reporting program, is looking for kids with a nose for news. Get the scoop.
More School Success Tips 
Ready For School and Beyond, Discover the Bright Horizons Difference
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