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The Land of Elyon: Into the Mist
Patrick Carman
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The Land of Elyon: Into the Mist
The Land of Elyon: Into the MistInto the Mist Bonus Chapter There was a chill in the air when I came out from below and onto the deck of the Warwick Beacon. I stood at the mast alone for a long time and watched soft white mist swirl on the surface of the water. It’s easy to lose track of time on a long voyage, so it’s hard to say how long I stood there before hearing the sound of footsteps approaching on the old wooden deck.

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Map Shatter PuzzleShatter Puzzle
Break the map to pieces, then put it back together again. It’s a different puzzle everytime!Click on these for a full view:
Map on knees Into the Mist Map Grouped Tattoos Separate Tattoos Wakefield House