The Land of Elyon By Patrick Carman
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The Land of Elyonn: Into the Mist NEW!

Before the walls went up ... there were adventures. Follow young Thomas Warvold and his brother as they journey through Elyon, discovering new mysteries, new challenges, and new magical creatures that will alter the history of the land.

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Chapter 10
What Once Was

“Where are you going?” said Yipes. “You can’t just get up and leave! Why, you’re coming to the best part! What’s behind the iron door?”

“The captain of the ship needs to relieve himself,” said Roland. “Alexa, take the wheel until I return.”

I jumped up from the deck of the Warwick Beacon and stood at the wheel, my own mind racing with thoughts of Thorn and Mister Clawson. As he walked away, Roland had a sparkle in his eye that told me we would not need to wait long for him to continue with his story. And what a story it was! I felt sure it was one of the best I’d ever heard, and I’d heard a great many. We’d listened through the morning with a soft breeze flapping in the sails and a warm sun overhead, and I had high hopes that our afternoon would be filled with the adventures of Thomas and Roland Warvold.


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