The Land of Elyon By Patrick Carman
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The Dark Hills Divide
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PC Screensaver

The screen saver will work on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT.

1. Click the button above to download the Zip archive containing the Windows version of the screen saver to your desired directory.

2. After downloading, go to the directory where you downloaded the archive. Double-click on the downloaded file ("") to open the archive. (You may need WinZip® software to open the file. Click here to download the evaluation version from the WinZip Web site).

3. Next, double-click on the screen saver file ("Elyon_setup.exe")

4. Go to the Start menu. Select Settings and then Control Panel.

5. In the Control Panel window, double-click Display. The Display Properties window will open.

6. On the tabs at the top of the Display Properties window, select Screen Saver.

7. On the Screen Saver pulldown list, select screen_new. You may preview the screen saver or change the amount of time your computer waits before activating the screen saver.

8. Click on OK at the bottom of the Display Properties window and you're done.

Mac Screensaver

This screen saver will work on the MAC OS X version.

1. Click the button above to download the Macintosh version of the screen saver to your desktop.

2. After downloading, double-click the downloaded file "Elyon_Installer.sit" on your desktop. This will create a new file called "Elyon_Installer". (This step requires the latest version of Stuffit Expander, available for free download here.) On some systems this step will happen automatically, in which case you can skip to step 3.

3. Next, double click "Elyon_Installer". Click OK when prompted.

4. In the Control Panel window, choose Screen Saver. Select the Elyon screen saver and close the System Preferences.