The Land of Elyon By Patrick Carman
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The Land of Elyon Book I The Dark Hills Divide
Inquisitive twelve-year-old Alexa Daley is spending another summer in the walled town of Bridewell. This year, she is set on solving the mystery of what lies beyond the walls. Legend says the walls were built to keep out an unnamed evil that lurks in the forests and The Dark Hills. But what exactly is it that the townspeople are so afraid of?

As Alexa begins to unravel the truth, pushing beyond the protective barrier she's lived behind all her live, she discovers a strange and ancient enchantment. Armed with an unexpected new power, Alexa exposes a danger that could destroy everything she holds dear - and change The Land of Elyon forever.

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Following my afternoon nap I was feeling energized. I joined my father, Ganesh, and Nicolas for dinner off the smoking room in the main dining area. It was good to spend time with them, especially my father, who was looking a little worn out.   Continued...

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  "This is the one of the best book out. This book should be rated like 100! And thank you so much Patrick Carman for the book and the first chapter you read out aloud of the second book after finding all the Jocastas in this website!!!!"
J.P. Age 12

"When I met Patrick Carman, I knew this book would be good right from the time he told us the story of the chocolate cake and the carrot. I may only be on chapter 11 but I can't put it down. I can't wait till BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THORNS comes out!! I'm going to read all 3 BOOKS!!!!!!!! "
Alicia S. Age 12

"I love it!! Alexa has my first name and we are the same age! Our personalities are the same too. Is that cool or what? I can't wait until the next book comes out!!!"
Alexa M. Age 12

"This book is the best book in the whole world of books! I could read it aloud and not have to stop in the middle of a sentence. I just cannot wait until the next book!"
Lei S. Age 12

"Geez! This book was sooooooo awesome! It's my absolute favorite. I've been trying to write a book like this book for so long. It is so good it's hardly real. I know people say "Don't judge a book by it's cover"- well, the cover of this one is so astonishing that everyone of my friends who's seen it says that they HAVE to read it. Cheers to The Dark Hills Divide! Ps- I hope the next one comes out soon!"
Danielle J. Age 12

"This book was great to read. It was a page turning, with the unanswered questions and mysterious characters. I really loved Murphy with his amazing amount of energy like me! I cannot wait for the next one when we learn more. Thanks for signing my book!"
Laur N. Age 14

"This is an amazing book. I myself am actually writing a book, and really hope people will like mine, though it can't compare to this one."
Katie R Age 10

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