Research and Validation

Proven, Reliable Reading Assesments

SRI is research based and has been validated by multiple scientific studies of students across various grade levels, races, ethnicities, and income levels. To learn more about the research foundation, program history, and validity and reliability studies regarding SRI, begin by reviewing the
SRI Technical Guide or exploring the following documents:

Professional Papers

SRI Technical Guide [PDF] Scholastic Inc.
Accuracy Matters [PDF] Scholastic Inc.
Meet College and Career Readiness
Goals With Scholastic Assessments
A Question-and-Answer Guide Scholastic Inc.
Growth Expectations: Setting
Achievable Goals
A Guide for Using SRI to Set
Reading Growth Goals
By Kimberly A. Knutson EdD
Scholastic Research and MetaMetrics®
Interpreting Assessment Results [PDF] A Guide to Understanding Test Removal in SRI By Kimberly A. Knutson EdD
Scholastic Inc.
Because You Can't Wait Until Spring:
Using the SRI to Improve Reading
An Alignment to Florida's FCAT By Kimberly A. Knutson EdD
School District of Palm Beach County
New Research on Text Complexity [PDF] Supplemental Information for ELA and Literacy Council of Chief State School Officers and National Governors Association