Droon: A Historical Timeline
For reference, the time periods and/or dates are listed below each event. The time periods for the first 6 items follow in direct sequence.

The Shadow Time
covers a period of 3000 years

The Great Flowering
covers a period of 1000 years

The Serpent Wars
covers a period of 300 years

Arrival of the giants in Droon
covers a period of 100 years

Rise of Ko and his beasts
covers a period of 1000 years

Births of the wizard sons of Zara: first Urik, then Galen, finally Lord Sparr
covers a period of 25 years

Zara and Sparr captured by Ko in the city of Pesh; Zara dies
1470 AD

The Wizard Wars
beginning 1600 AD, ending 1610 AD

Queen Relna takes the throne of Droon
1615 AD

Sparr rises again
1950 AD

Princess Keeah is born
ten years before present

Eric, Julie, and Neal arrive in Droon for the first time