The Collected Songs of Droon
Droon is a very musical place. The Ninns are the most musical of peoples, and Hob is a well-known versifier. Here, you’ll find such delightful lyrics as those by the Rat-faced Snitchers in praise of their leader, and Neal’s Droon Theme Song. Enjoy!

In Zorfendorf’s bright summer sun,
We’ll have our feast of joy and fun!
Sung by the various royal majesties on their journey to the Forbidden City of Plud, but which a spell of Lord Sparr’s has made them believe is Zorfendorf Castle; in book 8, The Golden Wasp.

Yo-ho-ho! Yo-ho-ho!
We grunt and pull the heavy oar
Across the seas that splash and spill!
We sail and sail and sail some more
To our new home in Spa-arrville!
Ninn song sung while sailed their ship the Stinkenpoop toward Jaffa City in Special Edition 2, Wizard or Witch?

Keeah here! Keeah there!
She’s our princess everywhere!
Song sung by Ninns in a vision given to Keeah by Princess Neffu, showing the good princess how popular and powerful she will be if she follows evil Neffu, in Special Edition 2, Wizard or Witch?

We hope you like our fancy dress,
Because we bring to your fortress
The greatest magic ever seen —
It’s all for you, Droon’s treasure queen!

Song of Ninns to Bazra, the Treasure Queen, trying to butter her up and allow them into her fortress, in Book 23, The Fortress of the Treasure Queen.

The morning sands are violet,
Yet blaze a golden hue at noon.
Blue seas of sand at each sunset
Turn silver from the midnight moon!

Claws will rip and fangs will bite
Within the dragon’s dune of night.

As the beast of beasts does sit,
His dark eye draws light into it.

Verses sung by Quill at various points in the long journey of the kids in Special Edition 3, Voyagers of the Silver Sand.

Tortu roams from dune to dune,
Crisscrossing every inch of Droon.

And like the wandering turtle dome,
We Ninns are searching for our home.
Lament sung by young Ninn girl, Theesha, in Special Edition 3, Voyagers of the Silver Sand.

Beware tomorrow morning’s fight!
Beware the flying silver light!
Beware a boy so blond and cute,
For when you see him, you must scoot!
Rhymed prophecy delivered to the beasts to make them abandon the Forbidden City of Plud in Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara.

Song of the droomar singers in the Song Towers, Book 30, Escape from Jabar-Loo.

Hob is busy hammering
Crowns and medals for the king — 
Song of Hob, Book 30, Escape from Jabar-Loo.

Captain Plundit is his name
And snitching treasurers is his game.
It also is his greatest fame,
And that’s the reason why we came!

We will take,
You will quake!

You won’t grin
When we win!
Songs of the Rat-faced Snitchers of Zoop, the first about their leader, Captain Plundit, the second a kind of narration of their snitching activities. Book 32, The Treasure of the Orkins.

Let’s fly into the northern snows.
We may meet friends, we may meet foes,
But one thing’s sure, this genie knows,
Our journey goes and goes and goes!
Song sung by Neal who, after listening to Snitcher songs all day, thinks, “we should have songs, too.” In Book 32, The Treasure of the Orkins.

Make way for Zabilac.
His turban he will pack.
From here to Droon and back.
Amazing Zabilac!

Neal’s theme song for the kids, to which Julie responds, “How is that our theme song? It’s all about you.” So he comes up with a second verse:

Through thick and thin they go,
And battle every foe

From Plud to Silversnow.
They’re best of friends . . . ho . . . ho!
As performed in Book 36, Knights of the Ruby Wand.

O, come to me, my Faraway!
Your voice as soft as feathers seems,
Come share your wisdom night and day
In wondrous visions and in dreams.
Sung “in a scratchy old voice” by Galen at the beginning of Book 17, Dream Thief.

The one who strikes the wolf at noon,
Shall earn a secret wish in Droon.
Prophecy told to Eric in a vision that he believes refers to him; it does not. In Book 18, Search for the Dragon Ship.

The world is upside down.
A birdy wears a spider suit.
The wizard is a clown!
Sung by Nelag, deceptively out-of-it pretend wizard and Galen’s opposite, in Book 18, Search for the Dragon Ship.

Where the water grows teeth
He wakes to new power!
All Droon fears the truth
Of his deadly bright fire!

Find the wild street of fish.
Step upon the floating dish!

The ribbon ties, the ribbon breaks.
Pass the test of the stomachaches!

Before you tumble off to sleep,
The crumbs from heaven’s table sweep!

Verses sung by Keeah’s magic harp during the children’s journey to the find the monster, Krog, in Book 20, In the Ice Caves of Krog.

Fly me up, you flying dove,
Fair as the moon, the one I love.
Verse recited by Galen about a mystery woman he knew long ago, in Book 21, Flight of the Genie.