Droon: Secrets of Droon Trivia Quiz

For Droon Fans
(Easy level)

1.) What was the first thing to enter Droon?

2.) Whose house is the door to Droon in?

3.) What color are the stairs to Droon?

4.) If the kids spend a whole day in Droon, how much time passes in the Upper World?

5.) What do Lumpies look like?

6.) What color are Ninns?

7.) Which character is always thinking about food?

8.) What kind of creature is Max?

9.) What is the most common form of transportation in Droon?

10.) Which kid from the Upper World is a wizard?

Answers: 1.) A soccer ball, 2.) Eric Hinkleís house, 3.) Rainbow, 4.) None at all, 5.) Pillows, 6.) Red, 7.) Neal, 8.) A spider troll, 9.) Six-legged pilkas, 10.) Eric

For Droon Superfans
(Medium level)

1.) What do Pashaís carpets do that is special?

2.) Who are Galenís brothers?

3.) What kind of creatures were Ninns, originally?

4.) Who is Lord Sparr's Mother?

5.) What object does Keeah sometimes use to contact Eric, Julie and Neal?

6.) Who kidnapped Zara and Sparr when Sparr was a baby?

7.) Which kid from the Upper World has the power to fly?

8.) What is Nealís genie name?

9.) Where is Sparr's forbidden fortress?

10.) Which Upper World adult is the first to end up in Droon?

Answers: 1.) Fly, 2.) Sparr and Urik, 3.) Orkins, 4.) Zara, 5.) A soccer ball, 6.) Ko, 7.) Julie, 8.) Zabilac, 9.) Plud, 10.) Ericís dad, Mr. Hinkle

For Droon Experts
(Hard level)

1.) What important object did Lord Sparr steal from Keeah?

2.) What creatures live in Agrah-Voor?

3.) How many species of pilkas appear in the stories?†

4.) Where does Portentia the oracle live?

5.) How many powers did Sparr create?

6.) Where is the only place in Droon that magic is not allowed?

7.) What is Ko's phantom's name?

8.) How is Droon's history recorded?

9.) What are the four shapes that Keeah's mom, Queen Relna, took before becoming human again?

10.) Who gave Keeah her witch powers?

Answers: 1.) The Red Eye of Dawn, 2.) Ghosts, 3.) Three: the standard white, the flying blue, and Sparr's black flying pilka, Semirakin, 4.) Inside a big rock in the Farne Woods, 5.) Three, 6.) Bangledorn Forest, 7.) Saba, 8.) By Quill, on the Tower of Memory, 9.) Falcon, Tiger, Dragon, Dolphin, 10.) Demither