The Moon Scroll Fragments
These words, written by Galen himself shortly after his arrival in Droon, relate his first attempts to find his mother, Zara, after she was stolen from the Upper World by Emperor Ko. He was not to find her alive. As recounted in the magical document, the Moon Scroll, in Book 15.

I am Galen! I sing now of my wanderings
In the land of Droon -

Armed with the powerful wand of Urik,
I came to battle the Evil One, Emperor Ko.
I sought to revenge his terrible deeds.
But Ko sent three goblins to defeat me -

Legends of Kos palace led me down the Ice Hills
Where the first goblin sprang upon me . . .

Seeking Kos palace, I crossed the plains of Kano,
And battled the second goblin, a fiery one.

Before the Valley of Pits lay Grimpen Marsh,
Where the third goblin was, the worst of the three.
A thing of shadows, he was, a spirit of darkness!

I never held Uriks wand in my hand again.
But whoever reads these words, know this -
The wand will save Droon, but only if it is found.

By force and fear the beast called Ko
Ruled the wicked empire of Goll.
But Goll was not enough for him.
He wanted all of Droon. And more than Droon.

Let me remember - O terrible night -
How Zara, Queen of Light, was stolen by Ko!

She wasted away, a prisoner in Kos palace,
And when she died all the wizards wept.

Alone, I wandered, until I found a friend.
Then I knew I had a family. Then I was home.