The History of the Moon Medallion
Long ago in the Upper World, the powerful wizard, Zara (Queen of Light), created an object that she called the Moon Medallion. In truth, her part of the Medallion was its base, dubbed the Silver Moon. It is a large (4 inches in diameter), flat, silver disc, covered on both sides with innumerable markings in many long-ago languages. It encompasses nothing less than a history of human magic. Its words, diagrams, phrases, and designs are full of power and poetry.

It is only later that we understand that the Silver Moon is but one part of the Medallion. Zara decreed that each of her sons - Urik, Galen, and Sparr - should each create their own part of the Medallion. When combined, the four-section Moon Medallion can become the most powerful magical object known - in the right hands.

In the year 1470, Queen Zara has the Medallion (still only the Silver Moon) with her on her mission to the time-traveling and magical city of Pesh. At the very same time, far down below our world, Emperor Ko (leader of the beasts) learns of Zara's great wisdom and power. He makes his way up the Dark Stair from Droon to our world. He kidnaps Zara from her tent outside Pesh, also stealing her infant son, Lord Sparr.

Ko attempts to turn the wise queen to his evil will. To keep the boy Sparr from Ko, Zara escapes from Ko's temple and creates the Fifth River and the Fountain in the coastal meadows of Western Droon. She tests it by sending the Moon Medallion up into the Upper World for her oldest son, Urik, to find, as he is trapped there, traveling through time. Sensing that the Fifth River is a success, Zara brings Sparr to the fountain to free him. But before she can, she collapses and is retaken by Ko to his palace.

After Zara's sad death there, Sparr grows up under the dominion of Emperor Ko. Through trickery, Ko curses Sparr to become a beast like himself. During the Wizard Wars, Ko is defeated. In Ko's absence, Sparr quickly grows into a wicked sorcerer. He hides out in the Dark Lands until the day when he returns with an army of Ninns. It is this situation that we enter in The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, book 1 of the Droon saga.

But the story of the Medallion is just beginning. On one of his innumerable stops in time, while chasing Sparr, Urik finds the Medallion that Zara had sent up through the Fifth River. Later, Sparr and Urik finally meet (see The Coiled Viper, book 19) and the two fight over the magical object. Sparr wounds Urik and steals the Medallion.

Sparr commands the cursed witch Demither to read the Medallion's markings, which are now obscure to Sparr because of his evil. Demither reveals that the magical object has power over the sons of Zara. Sparr uses the Medallion against his good brother Galen, but after Eric gives Sparr the Coiled Viper (the third of Sparr's Three Powers), Galen steals the Medallion from Sparr and hides it in Jaffa City.

The Silver Moon is the base of the Medallion, but what are the other parts? The Ring of Midnight was made by Galen. It was to act as his personal translator of the great powers of the Medallion. The Ring of Midnight was lost and forgotten until the fog pirates found it, hid it in their secret cave, and lost it again when Ko's beasts stormed Bleakwold. In danger of being destroyed, the Ring communicated with Galen. It was then that Galen was able to speak through it, and his message allowed the kids to follow the journey to the forge and recover the ring.

Urik also made a part of the Medallion, a gem known as the Pearl Sea. The kids come upon this in a later adventure.

Finally, there is the Twilight Star, which Sparr made at a forge deep in the Underworld below Droon.

With the four parts assembled, the truly great magic of the Medallion is unlocked. It plays a vital role in Gethwing's final war against Droon.