Droon: Map

  1. Vanishing Tower of Galen Longbeard
  2. Jaffa City, capital city of the land of Droon
  3. Farne Woods, home of the oracle Portentia
  4. Ice Hills of Tarabat
  5. Castle of Silversnow
  6. Homeland of the Orkins
  7. Bangledorn Forest, home of Ortha and the Bangledorn monkeys
  8. Forest of Bells
  9. The Ring of Giants
  10. Saladian Plains
  11. Flying City of Ro
  12. Kalahar Valley, also known as the Vale of Diamonds, annual home of the flying city of Ro
  13. Mountain of the Firefrogs
  14. Lumpland deserts, home of Khan and the purple Lumpies
  15. Iron Gate to Kano
  16. Forbidden City of Plud, one of Lord Sparr's palaces
  17. Plud Lake, perpetually frozen
  18. Land of Kano, northern Goll
  19. The Volcano Palace of Lord Sparr
  20. Grimpen Marsh
  21. Tortu, the magic city in motion
  22. Thousand Mile Plains, leading to the Pink Mountains of Saleef
  23. Kubar Lake and Kubar River
  24. Zorfendorf Castle
  25. Island of Mikos
  26. Treasure Fortress of Queen Bazra
  27. Morka, home of the hog elves and the soarwings
  28. Agrah-Voor, home of the fallen heroes of Droon
  29. Dust Hills of Panjibarrh, homeland of the Oobja mole people ruled over by King Batamogi and his nine brothers
  30. The Valley of Pits
  31. Tarkoom, the Hawk Bandits' Lair
  32. The Stone Mills of Feshu, prison for the hog elves cursed by Sparr
  33. Land of Mintar, southeastern Goll
  34. Sea Palace of Witch Demither
  35. The Serpent Sea
  36. Mountain of Kahfoo
  37. City of the Fog Pirates
  38. Num's Island
  39. Horns of Ko
  40. Doobesh City in the land of Doobeshi, home of the Doobeshians