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READ 180 Technology: EE Tech Updates and Issues

Below please find Tech Updates and Issues that have been reported to DoDEA regarding READ 180 Enterprise Edition. We will continue to add to this section as issues and updates are identified. For more information on software updates to Enterprise Edition see:

October 20, 2006 - Report Error

October 20, 2006 - Report Error

Problem: Two SAM reports Targeted Reading Report and the Student Action Report currently miscalculate the Lexile® reading ranges, Easy and On Level text by 50 points. This is an error in these two reports in SAM, which recommends reading ranges.  Note: this is not an issue with how SRI scores are calculated.

What the Reports Detail:  The Targeted Reading Report and the Student Action Report establish Lexile reading ranges for text difficulty for each student, based on the student's Lexile measure.  The reading ranges are used to assign appropriately leveled text for different instructional purposes and to help students choose books at a comfortable level for independent reading.

The Targeted Reading Report can be found in the Placement, Assessment and Report Guide on pages 132-133 or in the SRI Educator's Guide for the Enterprise Edition on pages 172-173.  The Student Action Report can be found on pages 138-139 in the Placement, Assessment and Report Guide, and on pages 176-177 of the SRI Educator's Guide for the Enterprise Edition.  The Targeted Reading Report and the Student Action Report in both of these guides is shown correctly.

Fix: These report display fixes are slated for the next upgrade (v.1.2) which should be available In Spring, 2007. Scholastic will coordinate with DoDEA HQ and each Area office so that the upgrade reaches the appropriate person at each DoDEA READ 180 EE school.

Work-Around Solution:  This issue effects the range of independent reading choices a teacher choices a teacher may suggest to a student.  These Lexile reading ranges are still 90% correct and selecting a text within this range will still likely meet the goal of an easy or on-level reading experience as the program recommends selections within a range.  However, if a student is reading far below grade-level, teachers can err on the side of caution; when using the Targeted Reading Report or Student Action Report in SAM to help a student select a book, they can subtract 50 points from the Easy and On-Level categories under Text Difficulty to get the very best appropriate Lexile range for the student.  The Challenging level under Text Difficulty is correct.

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