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READ 180 for Parents: What is READ 180?

"I hated reading at the beginning of the school year. I loved reading after READ 180."

—Fifth Grade DoDEA READ 180 Student

America’s Premier Reading Intervention Program for Elementary through High School
READ 180 is a comprehensive reading intervention program developed by Scholastic to meet the needs of students reading below the proficient level and to support school districts in their efforts to improve reading achievement. READ 180 breaks what is known as the “Reading Failure Cycle” by using technology, print, and professional development. The program directly addresses individual needs through adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. READ 180 was implemented system-wide by DoDEA to help struggling readers experience success.

The program consists of three stages (A, B, and C) designed to work for struggling readers from upper elementary, middle, and high school grades. In all three stages, READ 180 has been proven effective for general education students, as well as English-Language Learners, and students with special needs. Currently DoDEA offers READ 180 in all high schools (Stage C) and in middle schools (Stage B). Full implementation in all elementary schools (Stage A) occurred during the fall of 2004–2005.

To learn more about READ 180, visit the READ 180 Web site at:

Proven to Work

READ 180 has been in classrooms since 1999 and is now in more than 6,500 classrooms nationwide. Results from third-party evaluations show READ 180 produces quantifiable gains in reading achievement.

Students using READ 180 in Boston, Dallas, and Columbus doubled or tripled the gains achieved by students not enrolled in the program.

Download Efficacy Report for full results (PDF)
Learn more about READ 180’s impact in schools nationwide.

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