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DoDEA Scheduling Options
The 90-Minute Instructional Model is strongly recommended for DoDEA READ 180 classrooms.
Download Sample DoDEA Scheduling Options for Stage A (PDF)

In the Classroom: READ 180 Instructional Model

Research has conclusively shown that when schools implement and follow the 90-Minute Instructional Model, significant gains can be expected after one to two years of program participation.

90-Minute Instructional Model

Small-Group Rotations
Whole-Group Direct Instruction Small-Group Direct Instruction READ 180 Software Modeled and Independent Reading Whole-Group Wrap-Up
Using the READ 180 instructional materials, the teacher begins the day by providing systematic instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary to the whole class. Using the Teacher Resource materials, the teacher works closely with students so that individual needs can be met. Students use the Software independently, providing them with intensive, individualized skills practice. Students build reading comprehension skills through modeled and independent reading of the READ 180 Paperbacks and Audiobooks. The session ends with 10 more minutes of Whole-Group Instruction.

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