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In the Classroom: READ 180 Components

READ 180 addresses individual needs through adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and teacher-led instruction.

Software for Instructional Reading
READ 180 Software provides intensive, individualized instruction that addresses students' unique reading problems.

Teacher-Directed Instruction
Easy-to-use materials provide explicit instruction in reading comprehension, vocabulary, word study, and writing strategies.


READ 180 comes in three stages. Click the stage below to download an Inventory Checklist with specific titles for each stage.*


Middle School

High School

*All checklists are in PDF format

Audiobooks for Modeled Reading
Audiobooks offer struggling readers the opportunity to develop good reading skills and habits while enjoying authentic grade-level literature.

Paperbacks for Independent Reading
Age-appropriate, relevant books students can read with success. Each is leveled, allowing students to read confidently according to their own abilities.

Each READ 180 Stage includes the following components:

Student Materials

READ 180 Software (5 sets of 9 Topic CDs)
READ 180 Paperbacks (40 titles, 5 copies each)
READ 180 Audiobooks (12 titles, 4 copies each)
• Interactive Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)
Scholastic Reading Counts!

Educator Materials

• Teacher's Guide
• Teacher's Resource Book
• Reading Strategies Book
• Phonics/Word Study Strategies Book
• Test-Taking Strategies Book
• Strategies for English-Language Learners Book
READ 180 Reports Guide
• Writing and Grammar Strategies Book
• Poster Set (3 posters)

Professional Development Resources

• 1 day of on-site leadership development course (for principals, reading coaches, and technology coordinators)
• 2 days of on-site implementation training (for READ 180 teachers and reading coaches)
• 2 Teacher Licenses to Scholastic Red's online professional development course and accompanying materials

Implementation and Installation Materials

• Technical Support Plan (Standard or Basic)
• Video: Student Overview
• Video: Teacher Overview
READ 180 Getting Started Brochure

Technology Implementation Recommendations

READ 180 Installer CD and Teacher Management System
READ 180 Installation Guide
READ 180 Software Manual

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