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READ 180 for Administrators: READ 180 Research Protocol and Tools

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READ 180 Research Protocol and Tools

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Observing a READ 180 classroom in-depth provides administrators valuable information about the instruction students are receiving from the program. READ 180 Research Protocol and Tools will help instructional leaders design and conduct an evaluation study to answer questions about the impact of READ 180 within and across classrooms. The guide helps administrators:

  • Decide what questions to ask.
  • Evaluate READ 180 implementation.
  • Observe READ 180 classrooms.
  • Collect teacher and principal interviews.
  • Export student data.

Follow the chapter titles below to find and download information useful to you.

READ 180 Research Protocols and Tools*

Individual Tools (Please click the format you prefer to download.**)

  • Tool 1 - Implementation Level Worksheet (PDF) (.DOC)
  • Tool 2 - READ 180 Teacher Survey (PDF) (.DOC)
  • Tool 3 - READ 180 Classroom Observation Protocol (PDF) (.DOC)
  • Tool 4 - Protocol for READ 180 Teacher Interview (PDF) (.DOC)
  • Tool 5 - Protocol for READ 180 Principal Interview (PDF) (.DOC)
  • Tool 6 - How to Produce a Data Export Report (PDF) (.XLS)
  • Tool 7 - Protocol for Comparison Classroom Interview (PDF) (.DOC)

*This guide is designed for use by a READ 180 specialist, district administrator, or any other instructional leader to gather information about program implementation. It is not intended to be used as part of teacher performance appraisals.

**For your convenience, electronic versions of the Tools are available in both PDF and Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Excel® formats.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® software, version 4.0 or higher, to view and print items marked PDF. Get Adobe Reader® for FREE.


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