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The Sister of the South

With the aid of Deltora's last dragons, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine have destroyed three of the Four Sisters, evil Shadow Lord creations that are poisoning their land. Their quest will end in the city of Del, where the Sister of the South lies hidden.

Del is Lief, Barda, and Jasmine's home, but it has changed while they have been gone. Fear now stalks the streets, treachery lurks behind smiling faces, and evil prowls the palace. Even as they confront their own fears, the three companions know they cannot turn back. For in the Shadowlands, the Shadow Lord gloats, waiting for the terrifying end…

Book Cover:The Sister of the SouthFor a moment, Lief could not speak. Then he put his hand on Manus's arm – so small and thin, and yet so full of strength.

"What is below the chapel?" he asked.

"Why - nothing," Manus said. "The outside wall runs down beneath the earth, to meet the palace foundations. The inner wall beside us here continues down to form the first wall of the dungeons below the entrance hall. By the plan, there is only empty space in between – a cavern too small and low to be used for anything."

The Enemy found a use for it, it seems," Lief said grimly. "Now listen carefully, Manus. Everyone, except those too ill to walk, must leave the palace at once. Tell them it is by order of the king. Tell them to put their masks back on, go down to the city, and spread the word that the plague is real. Then go yourself, Manus. Find Doom, Gers, and Steven, if you can, and tell them I…"

His throat closed, He struggled to go on, but this time he could not.

"You have not mentioned Barda and Jasmine," Manus said quietly. "They are here, in the palace. Do you really think that they will leave 'by order of the king'?"

Lief gave a twisted smile. "No," he admitted. "If they are still able to come to me they will, whatever I say. We will stand together against the Enemy, one last time.

Manus nodded, his eyes very bright, and darted away without another word.

Lief put his fingers on the topaz once more and silently, insistently, called to the golden dragon.


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