Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #5: You Can Bet On That

Author: Jim Benton, Illustrator: Jim Benton


The hilarious and bestselling series from Jim Benton continues!
Jamie, Isabella, and Angeline have known each other for a long time. They've even become friends--whether Jamie likes it or not. But when the trio starts a friendly competition, all bets are off. The loser will be treated to a game of Truth or Dare...with Isabella. (And Jamie's pretty sure that's like having a banana-peeling contest with a starving monkey. The monkey always wins.)
What could go wrong? Probably everything. And it's probably all that blondwad Angeline's fault. Probably.
Jamie still has no idea that anyone is reading her diary, so please, please, please don't tell her. And definitely don't tell her that she's the star of her very own Dear Dumb Diary movie, available on DVD. (Her glamorous ego might not be able to handle it.)