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Predicting Derek Jeter’s Home Runs

Every team owner would like to add that special player to create a dream team. If you added Derek Jeter to your dream team, how many home runs would you expect him to hit in a typical year?

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Derek Jeter’s Home Runs 1996–2012


Year Home Runs
1996 10
1997 10
1998 19
1999 24
2000 15
2001 21
2002 18
2003 10
2004 23
2005 19
2006 14
2007 12
2008 11
2009 18
2010 10
2011 6
2012 15
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Derek Jeter’s Home Runs 1996–2012

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Discussion Question:

Do you think the mean, median, or mode is the best predictor of the number of home runs Derek Jeter will hit next year?


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