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Last updated: January 2nd, 2018

Laydown Date Policy and Contract

What are Scholastic's 2018 Laydown Date Policy and Contract?
Scholastic's 2018 Laydown Date Policy, and the associated Contract, applies to all 2018 titles with restricted laydown dates. The Policy explains Scholastic's terms and conditions as they relate to sales to your customers. Adherence to the Policy ensures fair distribution for all customers.

Retailers and distributors who do not return a completed 2018 Laydown Date Contract will not qualify for early delivery for titles with strict laydown dates.

If a customer has already submitted the 2018 Scholastic Inc. Contract (for previous 2018 Laydown date titles), an additional Contract does not need to be submitted.

Download the 2018 Scholastic Inc. Laydown Date Policy and Contract (PDF)
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Click Here to electronically accept the 2018 Scholastic Laydown Date Policy and Contract if you have not already done so.

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