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The Thief Lord
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This magical thriller is set among the crumbling canals and rooftops of Venice. A down-on-his-luck American detective is charged with the search for two orphaned children, who have run away from their aunt and uncle. The children are hiding in Venice, sheltered by a gang of children led by a mysterious young leader called The Thief Lord.

The three boys moved hesitantly down the wide center aisle, their steps ringing out on the flagstone floor. The golden domes that arched above their heads kept their splendor hidden in the gloom, and in between the tall marble pillars that supported them the boys felt as small as insects. Instinctively, they moved closer together.


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Reviewed It

This is book is my favorite book ever. I loved the plot, the characters, everything. I think Cornelia Funke is a great author.
Ashley E. Age 10

I think the book was excellent because it was so interesting.
Rana S. Age 7

I just could not put it down! I loved this book and all the other Cornelia.
Olivia V. Age 8

This is one of the most amazing books I ever read!! Scipio is such a fun and exciting character! I would really, really, really love to see a sequel to this amazing and wondrous book.
Chelsea B. Age 12

I thought the book was awesome and it really kept me interested. I always got stoked (excited) to read the next page by page. I just want to thank the author that made it. It's the stuff!!
Jovana P. Age 13

I couldn't put this book down! I have loved all of the books that Cornelia has put out so far and I hope to see a new book by her on the shelves soon. If you liked her other books (Inkheart and Dragon Rider) then you are bound to like this one!
Caitlin G. Age 11

I LOVE this book!!!!!! It's my favorite book of all. I have read it 3 times.
Derek D. Age 12

It's awesome!!! The book just was plain mesmerizing. The book deserves a whole series to it!! It was awesome!!!!!!
Isaac Y. Age 10

I loved The Thief Lord. It was so's the kind of book you can't put down. It's ending is just something you don't expect. And the characters are all unique and just great. I think Cornelia Funke is a great writer.
Amber B. Age 12

I love this book! It's one of my all time favorites along with Cornelia's other books. This is one of the only books I've read over again. I only read the books over if I really like them. I love the blend of suspense and thrill the author brings to this book. The ending is so different than the beginning, so you don't expect what will happen next. This book is awesome.
Maggie P. Age 12

The book was fantastic it was one of the best books I've ever read. I think that she is and amazing author.
Mallory G. Age 9

I have read this book three times, and every time I read it the book gets better. My favorite thing about this book was the descriptions of Italy!
Erin M. Age 11

I totally loved this book! I've read it so much my mom bought it for me! I loved the part with Victor chasing after the kids and the kids trick him. My favorite character was Hornet because I think she loves to read as much as I do. This book comes to life in your hands!
Melissa S. Age 11

I have read this book many times and it is one of the best I have ever Read. This has been one of my favorites including the Dragon Rider and Ink Heart by the same author. I would recommend this book to many children and adults to read as a little reminder of how much they used to love reading about adventure.
Brandon B, Age 12

I loved this book! I borrowed it from a friend and then I didn't give it back for a whole year! I especially liked the blend of fantasy and real-life that the author incorporated.
Valeria S, Age 13

I was surprised at how the story changed so much from the beginning to end.
Nolan B., Age 12

I loved this book! It was so cool! I liked how you couldn't guess what was going to happen next and how everything turned out different than what you expected. My favorite characters were Bo and Scipio!
Liz W., Age 12

It is wonderful and mysterious. I had to read it for school and I really didn't want to read it but I just read the back of the book and it got me hooked right then and there. I can't wait to read the last few pages. I only have a few more to go so I better start reading!
Rebecca B., Age 11

I have been reading your book "The Thief Lord." It is really interesting and fun to read. I hope you make a similar kind of book in the future.
Julie K. Age 13

I think The Thief Lord was a great book. I liked how all the children worked together to protect one another, trick the detective (though he was a friend in the end).The only part that made me sad was when Scipio turned into an adult, and couldn't go back. But mostly, it was wonderful. I liked the setting, Venice. I like the idea of "streets of water". (I thought it was funny how some of the children didn't like boats.) Anyway, Cornelia Funke did absolutely great!
Dortetheia M. Age 10

I really love this book mostly because of its amazing plot and characters.
Cornelia Funke definitely has a lot of imagination. Also the way she writes makes it easier for you to get into the story, and to become one more of the characters living in the magic of Venice. So the hardest part of the book turns to be the part when you have to put the book down, travel from Venice all the way back to your house, and come back to reality. It is definitely an amazing and incredible book!!!
Ximena C. Age13

My favorite thing about this book is the individualism of the characters. I loved everyone, (except Bo's aunt n' uncle) Scipio is the coolest, no doubt about it!
Kelsey W. Age 12

This was a totally awesome book!! It is definitely in my top five. Cornelia Funke definitely knows how to capture a readers interests. I liked this book so much that I recommended it to all my friends, and I could read it over and over again. I am definitely looking foreword to reading another book by her.
Paige N. Age 13

This book was awesome!! I was totally engrossed in it from cover to cover. I can't stop praising it! It should win the Newberry Award!!
Anna W. Age 11

This book rules!!!!!
Stephanie S. Age 12

It is a great book. When I picked it up I couldn't put it down. Great job Ms. Funke.
Ashley A. Age 9

Besides Harry Potter, The Thief Lord was probably my fav. book ever!
Carly P. Age 13

Cornelia Funke has a way of expressing the characters emotions. When I first picked up this book I couldn't put it down. I felt as if I was one of the characters.
Jessica M. Age 9

This is the best book ever! I loved this book!
Marie P Age 13

The best book ever!!!
Ramound S. Age 11

I absolutely loved this book. While I read it, I was not able to put it down for just about anything. The plot is wonderful, extraordinary. While it may not have the hardest vocabulary, its worth reading no matter how old you are.
Lina K Age 13

The Thief Lord was a very thrilling and enchanting book. It whisked you
away to the book's setting, Venice, Italy and made it seem like you were part of the story. I enjoyed this book thoroughly.
Susan R. Age 13

This book was soooo good! I read it all the 1st day I got it. I even got in trouble for reading it when I was suppose to be working at school!
Laken B. Age 14