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Core Clicks highly engaging informational texts were created by the expert editorial teams from Scholastic News® and Weekly Reader®. With over 25 million readers, our writers are renowned for creating outstanding informational texts that kids love to read.

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Teachers spend time teaching, not learning a new technology

From interactive whiteboards to tablets and computers, Core Clicks is easy to use on any device.

Pedagogy teachers can trust

Scholastic’s editorial team worked with experts including Nell K. Duke, Ed.D., a nationally recognized expert in literacy development.

Ace the assessments

Core Clicks lessons provide practice on the kinds of questions and tasks students will encounter on the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments.

Accommodate diverse learners

Teachers can access texts at all grade levels to reach every K–5 student—from the struggling reader to the gifted child. Lesson plans scaffold instruction for struggling, advanced, and ELL readers.

Accomodate Diverse Learners