Build English Skills – Core Clicks

The Program Designed
to Build Common Core
Standards English Skills

Grades K–5

Core Clicks is an interactive, web-based teaching resource designed to
build close reading skills. This powerful standards-based program
features 120 compelling nonfiction texts written by the education
experts at Scholastic News and Weekly Reader.

These 120 texts are enhanced with multimedia features and
embedded performance tasks specifically designed to build the close
reading skills required by the Common Core Standards for
English Language Arts.

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Core Clicks Teaches 13 Major English Concepts

Each of our 120 amazing texts is part of a "Text Study". Text Studies
guide educators and students through THREE READS of the nonfiction
text and use interactive features to focus on a specific "Spotlight"
Common Core concept. As students go through the text each time,
different multimedia features and performance tasks are directly
embedded into the text and specifically calibrated to build the
Common Core Spotlight Skill.

English Concepts Taught by Text Studies:

  • Author’s Purpose
  • Cause and Effect
  • Reasons and Evidence
  • Textual Evidence
  • Visual Texts (e.g., graphs,
    maps, and charts)
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Word Meaning
  • Main Idea and Key Details
  • Determine Point of View
  • Inferences
  • Problem and Solution
  • Sequencing
  • Text Features
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How a Text Study Works
First Read–Introducing the Text
  • An introductory video builds excitement
  • Optional audio read-aloud offers
    additional support
  • Captivating nonfiction text for
    small-group or whole-group instruction
  • Contextual vocabulary pop-ups
Second Read–Analyzing the Text
  • Text-dependent activities on each spread
  • Text-marking activities
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Drag-and-drop activities
Third Read–Talking about the Text
  • Higher-level thinking questions
  • Discussion questions throughout the text
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Assessment and Review: Performance Tasks

After completing three reads of the text, the next step is to
review the Spotlight Skill. Core Clicks features Skill Workouts
that provide a video for direct instruction, an interactive
activity, and printable worksheet to reinforce the essential
skill. In addition, at the end of your Text Study is a "Question"
Quest." This light assessment consists of five multiple-choice

For more assessment practice, Core Clicks features 33
Reading Checkpoints. These short assessments challenge
students to analyze unfamiliar texts just like they will do on
PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and other higher level assessments.
Short answer questions and text-marking activites are perfect for
periodic assessment, and they're fully trackable using Digital
Locker technology in Core Clicks.

Build English Common Core
Standards Skills on Any Device!

Did we mention Core Clicks works on any web-enabled device?
That's right. Interactive whiteboard, iPad®, smartphone,
anything! Whatever classroom technology you have is perfect for
Core Clicks. Which means no new tech to learn and no new tech
to buy. Implementation is as simple as logging in.

  • 120 Comprehensive Text Studies–20 Per Grade
    for Grades K–5
  • 20 Skills Videos for Direct Instruction of
    English Language Arts Skills
  • 33 Reading Checkpoints with Unique Texts
    and Performance Tasks
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools for Teachers
  • Complete Implementation Guide and
    Standards-Based Lesson Plans