Interactive Common
Core Lesson PlansFrom Core Clicks

For Grades K–5
Designed by Scholastic News®
and Weekly Reader®

Core Clicks is the go-to source for effective, interactive Common Core lesson plans. Ready-made and easy to use, Core Clicks lessons combine compelling nonfiction texts with interactive features to build the major ELA/literacy skills required by the standards.

Core Clicks is divided into 108 Lessons, called Text Studies. Each one builds a specific Common Core skill by guiding educators and students through THREE READS of a short, engaging informational text.
Throughout these three reads, interactive features challenge students to analyze the text in the ways they’ll be required to on PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments.

Core Clicks lessons build the following skills, directly from the Common Core State Standards:
  • Point of View
  • Reason & Evidence
  • Inferences
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Cause & Effect
  • Textual Evidence
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Main Ideas & Details
  • Problem & Solution
  • Sequence
  • Visual Information
  • Text Features
  • Word Meanings

How do Core Clicks Common Core Lesson Plans Work?

Once a user logs in to Core Clicks, they have instant access to all 108 Text Studies (18 per grade). The user simply selects the skill and subject they want to focus on, and they’re ready to teach a Common Core skill through THREE READS of a compelling informational text.

The First Read–Introduce the text and its vocabulary
  • A captivating pre-reading video and audio clip get students excited to read.
  • Contextual vocabulary pop-ups help kids determine word meaning and nuance.
  • An optional audio read-aloud helps educators
The Second Read–Analyze
the Text
  • Embedded text-dependent reader tasks challenge students to closely analyze the text.
  • Text-marking activities have students highlight, underline, and circle specific components of
    the text.
  • Drag-and-drop activities require students to move icons around the text to locate specific evidence.
The Third Read–Talk about
the Text
  • Thought-provoking discussion questions are built right into the text.
  • Questions are a perfect for small-group or whole group discussions.
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Common Core Lesson Plans: Review and Assessment

Beyond the 108 Text Studies, Core Clicks also offers an array of digital teaching tools to help educators review concepts and assess progress.

Skill Workouts–Review the skill

For each major Common Core skill, a corresponding
Skill Workout reviews the concept with
direct-instruction videos, additional text-based
activities, and printable worksheets—requires
virtually no prep time!

Question Quests–Short

Each Common Core Lesson Plan features 5
multiple-choice, text based questions for a light assessment after reading.

Reading Checkpoints–Assess,
progress, and prepare for tests

These text activities require students to apply a Common Core skill to a new and unfamiliar text just like they will be required to do on the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments.

Common Core Lesson Plans Designed by the Experts

Core Clicks has been designed and created by the team behind Scholastic News and Weekly Reader classroom magazines. As anyone who has subscribed to these titles knows, this team of editors, writers, programmers, and literacy experts has
extensive experience providing teachers with rigorous
ready-made lesson plans. They’ve brought that experience to
Core Clicks. Our team has meticulously aligned every text
study to the Common Core Standards and gone above and
beyond in developing a close reading product that’s optimized
for your current classroom technology.

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The Full Feature List
  • Access to 108 Text Studies
    (18 per grade-K–5)
  • 20 Direct Instruction Videos on critical Common Core skills
  • 27 Reading Checkpoints–perfect for test prep
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools
  • Teaching and Implementation Guides
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