Interactive Common Core Curriculum Support with the Common Core

The team behind Scholastic News® and Weekly Reader® magazines brings their unparalleled talent for creating engaging nonfiction to a new Common Core product. Core Clicks is an
all-digital online program that uses short concise texts, multimedia features, and challenging performance tasks to build the close reading and analysis skills demanded by the Common Core State Standards.

The Perfect Complement to Your Common Core Curriculum

Text Studies are the cornerstone of Core Clicks. The program features 108 of these educational units, requiring approximately four class periods each. Text Studies guide students and educators through THREE READS of an engaging text with a focus on a specific Common Core skill. Each time students read the text they will be presented with different multimedia features and embedded performances tasks designed to reinforce the skill.

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Each Text Study Focuses on One of These Common Core Curriculum Skills

  • Main Idea and Details
  • Cause & Effect
  • Problem & Solution
  • Reason & Evidence
  • Text Evidence
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Word Meaning
  • Point of View
  • Sequencing
  • Text Features
  • Visual Texts
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Making Inferences

A Closer Look At Core Clicks:

Common Core Curriculum Program

How A Text Study Works

The First Read–Requires One Class Period
  • Read the short compelling text
  • Watch an exciting video
  • Listen to the text read aloud
    (for additional support)
  • Check understanding with vocabulary pop–ups
The Second Read–Requires One Class Period
  • Answer text-dependent multiple-choice questions
  • Complete text marking as well as drag-and-drop activities
The Third Read–Requires One Class Period
  • Thoroughly discuss the text with pop-up
    questions throughout
Review–Requires One Class Period
  • Review the spotlight skill with our interactive Skill Workout activity
  • Complete the Question Quest for a light assessment
How Assessment Prep Works

During a separate class period, educators can visit our Reading Checkpoints. These activities make perfect assessment prep
exercises. Students must apply the Common Core skills they’ve learned from the Text Studies on a new and unfamiliar text. This is the exact same type of analysis they will be required to do on the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments.

Tracking and Reporting For
Your Common Core Curriculum

Core Clicks comes with Digital Locker technology exclusively for teachers. Inside their digital locker, educators are able to manage, assign, and score student work. In addition, they’ll be able to
generate reports for groups, classes, or individuals.

Now You Can Teach Your Common Core Curriculum on Any Device!

As long as it’s connected to the Internet, you can use it with Core Clicks!* Explore our amazing Text Studies on any tablet, smartphone, interactive whiteboard, laptop, or desktop computer. Whether your school is PC or Macintosh, Core Clicks is ready to go right out of the box. That means your school doesn’t have to invest in any new hardware to get the most out of this powerful Common Core program.

The Full Program
Your Purchase of Core Clicks Includes
  • Full Access to All 108 Text Studies
  • Full Access to All Performance Tasks, Videos, and Assessment Prep Tools
  • Digital Locker Tracking and Reporting Tools
  • Implementation Guide
  • Online Lesson Plans With Extension Activities