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Grow a Love of Reading with Clifford
Clifford on Leapster™
Clifford loves storytime, and your child will too with this interactive learning game!
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Play Early Reading Games
Prepare your preschooler for reading with fun Clifford games that offer practice with letter, phonics, and vocabulary skills!
Concentration Make a Word Sound Match Letter Round-Up Letter Match
Fun Reading Printables
The Road to Reading
Get reading tips, ideas, activities, and book recommendations to set your preschooler on the right path to reading!
Ideas for Integrating Reading Skills into Everyday Life
Use these simple and fun everyday ideas to help your preschooler build a foundation for reading.

Name Spelling Game

Practice letter recognition and teach your child to spell his/her name!

Point and Read

Cultivate the sound-print connection when reading with your child.

Get Label Happy

Connect words with familiar objects to build your child's vocabulary.

Know Words by Sight

Use common sight words to develop your child's pre-reading skills.

Sky-Watching Book

Create a book using your child's hand-drawn pictures and words.

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