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Clifford's Puppy Days (TM) Theme Song.
Music by Jared Faber, Theme song by Jared and Emily Kapnek, Lead Vocal by Freedom Bremner.

One puppy two Puppy on a Puppy Bed/
The littlest one has fur that's red/
I'm kind of new/
So I'll stick with you/
I like new places/
Seeing lots of new faces/
And before this day's through/
We'll make good friends like you.

Three puppy four puppy five puppy six/
Clifford is up to brand new tricks.

I might be small/
But I'm on the ball/
I might be little/
I might get stuck in the middle/
But there's one thing we know/
Love makes little things grow.

Yea, love makes little things grow.
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