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Discover the FREE Service That Gives Teachers and Parents an Easier Way to Communicate!

  • GET YOUR message out Send important notes, create surveys, and post requests for volunteers and donations.
  • SHARE photos Instantly share photos from school events like field trips and classroom projects.
  • GO mobile Enjoy easy convenience and access to an experience built for your mobile device.
  • TWO-WAY communication Enable parents and students to respond instantly and track responses all in one place without clogging up e-mail.
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What Does It Do?

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  • CONNECTS actively with parents via push notifications and e-mail, so every posting is immediately visible.
  • INVOLVES individual parents directly with messages clearly designated by specific topic and purpose.
  • SHARES classroom events, scheduling, and more through text and image attachments.
250 Bonus Points when you sign in!* Try Class Messenger Now

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250 Bonus Points when you sign in!* Try Class Messenger Now

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