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Best Free Program of 2016
Publishing is the perfect End-of-Year project. Get a $15 Walmart Gift Card when you publish by May 23, 2018.

Create a Book With Your Class!

  • Motivate students
    to want to write
  • Promote student
    collaboration and
  • Build students’
    pride, self-esteem,
    and confidence
  • Strengthen writing, creativity, and critical thinking skills

It's the perfect hands-on
writing activity for
grades K–6

Studentreasures® Book Gallery | Write, Illustrate, Publish

Click the arrows to see 12 cross-curricular projects for grades K–6 classrooms.

Creating Your Classbook Is Easy

  • Order Your
    FREE Publishing Kit.

    Choose a book layout and tell us when you’ll complete your book.
  • Get Creative!
    Let your students’ imaginations run wild while they fill the provided kit pages with their writing and illustrations.
  • Submit Your Kit(s).
    We’ll deliver your published deluxe, hardcover book free for the teacher—along with any copies ordered by parents. Plus, we pay for shipping.
Easy, adaptable kits are perfect for turning any lesson into a published book to showcase your students’ work.
Here's what's included:
  • 66 kit pages—33 for text and 33 for illustration
  • Cover, title page, dedication, and author pages
  • Student-created sample book
  • Step-by-step teacher guide
  • Handy kit envelope for easy organization
  • “The whole process was seamless. I love how great the book turned out. Most of all, I love how enthusiastic my students were about writing!”
    Lake Elementary School
  • “My students learn a lot from doing this project, and each year, I am very pleased with the results. Students feel immensely proud of themselves when they look at their final product.”
    —Elizabeth, Fanny Andrews
    Early College Prep
  • “Authentic writing experience for the students, quality publishing, and a wonderful keepsake for parents.”
    West Broadway